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A Sydney couple is devastated after their requests for an autopsy of their stillborn was ignored by the hospital. "I couldn't think, it didn't make sense. Why wouldn't you try to fix it and help?" Pirko and Meyers made the difficult decision to end the pregnancy, and Pirko gave birth at 28 weeks at Liverpool Hospital. It seems things were doomed the moment Pirko checked into the hospital to be induced. She told the outlet that she wasn't given medicine to help with pain relief and the nurses were having trouble getting the placenta out. A Sydney couple is devastated after their requests for an autopsy of their stillborn was ignored by the hospital. (9News AU) "(The doctor) grabs the umbilical cord and he wraps it around his wrist and he grabs and he pulls and he pulls," she said, adding that the doctor yanked so hard that her butt came off the table. Ultrasound shows rock 'n' roll-ready baby throwing up the horns According to Nine News, she lost two units of blood and needed a transfusion. medical doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 Pirko is physician home equity loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 also still dealing with nerve pain from the difficult labor. After giving birth, Pirko and Meyers told their doctor they wanted an autopsy conducted and genetic testing done to find out what was wrong with Krystal. However, the parents' wishes were left unfulfilled.